A First Reaction to the New CFC Regs

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that the United Way of America is now talking openly of asking Congress to block the proposed CFC regulations, published just today. .


Declining Pledges: It’s Not Just the CFC

In case you hadn’t heard, it looks like a bad year for the CFC. Although the official results are still being tallied, all available information indicates that pledges to the 2013 CFC were down significantly from 2012.

According to this article in Nonprofit Quarterly, it’s not just the CFC. Many local United Way campaigns are suffering as well. Continue reading

What We’re Seeing in the New CFC Regs: How Federations Collect Their Fees

This is the third in a series of posts looking at OPM’s draft of the final CFC regulations, published by the Federal Times earlier this month. OPM has not officially released this draft. Find links to our earlier posts on this topic at the bottom of this page.

Today we’re discussing what the new regs say about how federations collect their fees from member charities. Continue reading

What We’re Seeing in the New Regs: Charity Fees

This is the second in a series of posts looking at OPM’s draft of the final CFC regulations, published by the Federal Times earlier this week. OPM has not officially released this draft. Read our first post here.

According to this draft, two fees – possibly three – will be charged to charities participating in the CFC. Continue reading

What We’re Seeing in the New CFC Regs: Campaign Administration

As we reported in yesterday’s post, the Federal Times has published OPM’s draft of the final regulations for the CFC, which will take effect for the 2015 campaign. We promised further analysis. Because there are so many changes – including some big ones – we’ll look at one area at a time, comparing existing regulations with the proposed new ones. Continue reading