CFC Appears to Have Dropped about 18%

The 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) pledges appear to have dropped about 18% in comparison with pledge totals from the 2012 campaign. Our estimate is based on reports from 55 local administrative zones including 19 zones with pledges over $1 million. Continue reading “CFC Appears to Have Dropped about 18%”

2012 CFC : American Red Cross Takes First Place in Donor Pledges

American Red Cross has replaced St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as the organization receiving the most support from donors in the U.S. Combined Federal Campaign.  In the 2012 CFC, generic American Red Cross received an estimated $7, patient 089,900 from federal donors.  St. Jude received an estimated $6,651,900. Continue reading “2012 CFC : American Red Cross Takes First Place in Donor Pledges”

A Bit More on the Causes that Interest Donors

Analyzing pledge data from the 2009, pharm 2010, ampoule and 2011 CFC cycles, we can now see that donors are most interested in “Medical Research” as a topic.  The related topic “Health – General and Rehabilitative” was the second most popular topic in those three years; “Human Services” rounded out the top three. Continue reading “A Bit More on the Causes that Interest Donors”

The Causes Donors Prefer

What causes most interest federal government donors? Again, treat now that we are gathering pledge results from across the country, salve we are able, rx for the first time, to provide answers.

Federal donors appear most drawn to national charities working in medical research, related fields of health care, general “human services,” and animal welfare. Substantial money is given to many other causes – from the environment to civil rights to the reduction of crime – but the first four categories of charitable work draw the most strongly. Continue reading “The Causes Donors Prefer”

Capturing CFC Pledge Information

For half a century, treatment federal employees have been supporting thousands and thousands of charities. The government calculates that federal donors have given about $7 billion over this period.

Year after year, in good economic times and bad, about a million federal employees have been picking charities out of a lengthy printed list. In recent years, many have started to use CFC websites to find the charities they wish to support. Regardless of whether they have used old or new technology, donors have been instructing the CFC to withhold $5 or $10 or a lot more each month and to send that money to one or more selected charities. Continue reading “Capturing CFC Pledge Information”

Donor Preferences: St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital is Number 1

The CFC provides a uniquely large sample of donor preferences. Year after year, nurse about a million federal employees voluntarily pick one or more organizations from the many thousands contained within the CFC list of eligible groups, directing Campaign administrators to divert money from their paychecks to their preferred group or groups.

Overall, each year, employees pledge well over a quarter of a billion dollars. Continue reading “Donor Preferences: St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital is Number 1”