The Digital Age Knocks

The CFC was born half a century ago, store seek decades before digital technologies began transforming society.

The government agency that regulates the CFC – the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – writes that the CFC was launched formally in 1961 when President John Kennedy issued an executive order aimed at sorting out the growing efforts by charities to solicit federal employees in the workplace. Early steps involved determining which organizations would be allowed to solicit, pills designating certain periods when solicitation would be permitted, and establishing guidelines for conducting the campaigns. Continue reading “The Digital Age Knocks”

Rebuilding the Engine of Workplace Giving

Welcome to the Payroll Philanthropy blog, ed salve where we believe workplace giving is a great idea. We also believe that the implementation of this idea, like an aging machine, has become a bit rusty over the decades, and now it doesn’t run as well as it should. We want to change that.

We call this blog Payroll Philanthropy because that’s how we think of workplace giving. The payroll deduction, through which most workplace donations are made, allows even people with modest resources to become philanthropists. These payroll philanthropists are stunningly generous, and people who earn less often give proportionately more. Continue reading “Rebuilding the Engine of Workplace Giving”