CFC Appears to Have Dropped about 18%

The 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) pledges appear to have dropped about 18% in comparison with pledge totals from the 2012 campaign. Our estimate is based on reports from 55 local administrative zones including 19 zones with pledges over $1 million. Continue reading “CFC Appears to Have Dropped about 18%”

2012 CFC : American Red Cross Takes First Place in Donor Pledges

American Red Cross has replaced St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as the organization receiving the most support from donors in the U.S. Combined Federal Campaign.  In the 2012 CFC, generic American Red Cross received an estimated $7, patient 089,900 from federal donors.  St. Jude received an estimated $6,651,900. Continue reading “2012 CFC : American Red Cross Takes First Place in Donor Pledges”

CFC Cost-Cutting and the Law of Unintended Consequences

For a number of years, sale nurse the greatest effort by the government to cut costs has involved reducing the number of local CFC zones. Each year, viagra 60mg the government urges PCFOs to merge. Currently, OPM states on their website that there are 184 CFC zones – down from 355 a decade earlier. The immediate question, of course, is whether these mergers actually reduce costs. Continue reading “CFC Cost-Cutting and the Law of Unintended Consequences”

Let’s Cut CFC Costs

While the CFC slips in both the rate of employee participation and the amount of money raised, the government – perhaps inevitably – is paying a great deal of attention to cutting costs. That drive toward efficiency was reinforced early this year when OPM’s Inspector General issued a critical report of spending by Global Impact, the administrator of the National Capital Area CFC zone. Continue reading “Let’s Cut CFC Costs”

The CFC is changing. For the better?

This blog has been quiet for several months. But during that time, the world of the CFC has been very active. We now want to look carefully at what’s been going on, what may happen in the near future, and what it all may mean to those with a stake in the CFC. Continue reading “The CFC is changing. For the better?”