What We’re Seeing in the New CFC Regs: How Federations Collect Their Fees

This is the third in a series of posts looking at OPM’s draft of the final CFC regulations, published by the Federal Times earlier this month. OPM has not officially released this draft. Find links to our earlier posts on this topic at the bottom of this page.

Today we’re discussing what the new regs say about how federations collect their fees from member charities. Continue reading “What We’re Seeing in the New CFC Regs: How Federations Collect Their Fees”

House Panel Focuses on OPM’s Proposals for CFC

Wednesday’s House of Representatives hearing on OPM’s proposed CFC regulations has generated substantial media coverage. While we attended the session and have our own impressions, site right now we want to help readers stay on top of what occurred on Wednesday and what has been written by journalists since. We start with a link to the hearing itself: Continue reading “House Panel Focuses on OPM’s Proposals for CFC”

House Sub-Committee May Schedule Hearings on CFC Regs

A House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee may convene a hearing in late June or early July to receive testimony on OPM’s proposed regulations. Sean Reilly of the Federal Times reported this possibility on his blog yesterday: Continue reading “House Sub-Committee May Schedule Hearings on CFC Regs”

Workplace Giving Alliance Comments on CFC Regulations

The CFC federations of the Workplace Giving Alliance today submitted comments to OPM regarding the agency’s draft Combined Federal Campaign regulations. We expressed our support for some of the suggested changes and our concern about other aspects of the draft regulations. Continue reading “Workplace Giving Alliance Comments on CFC Regulations”

Recent Responses to OPM’s Proposed Regulations

There are two weeks left for interested parties to send OPM their comments on the proposed new CFC regs. A lot of people have been commenting, viagra of course, cialis though OPM will not release this correspondence until the June 7 deadline has passed. We will be sending our own comments to OPM soon, but we want to continue to share materials that have reached us, because they so effectively capture what is concerning many people about the proposed changes. Continue reading “Recent Responses to OPM’s Proposed Regulations”

Further Comments on Proposed CFC Regs

At a meeting yesterday of the National Combined Federal Campaign Committee, CFC Director Keith Willingham explained a bit more how the government will handle the comments now being received from the public regarding the proposed new CFC regulations. Continue reading “Further Comments on Proposed CFC Regs”

Federations Working with Maguire/Maguire Release Their CFC Reg Comments

The federations served by Maguire/Maguire, Inc. have released their reaction to the government’s proposed CFC regulations. Below are some of their key points. Continue reading “Federations Working with Maguire/Maguire Release Their CFC Reg Comments”

Summary of Proposed CFC Regulations

The proposed new CFC regulations in their original form are 55 pages of legal and administrative language. You can read them at http://federalregister.gov/a/2013-08017.

Because some may find the original document a bit forbidding, cure we have created the following summary. We touch on only major changes and do not address every detail, sale nor do we try to explain how the changes will be implemented. We plan to discuss issues raised by the regs extensively in this blog. Continue reading “Summary of Proposed CFC Regulations”

The Regs Are Out. We Have Two Months to Comment

At the end of last week, OPM released the proposed rules for the reform of the Combined Federal Campaign. For the next two months, the government invites our comment. Continue reading “The Regs Are Out. We Have Two Months to Comment”